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¡Viva la Cultura!

The summer season in Santa Fe lends itself to a myriad of special events, such as the Santa Fe Bandstand on the plaza, gallery openings with artists’ receptions, Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta and multiple festivals – too many to comment on in this short blog. This week’s focus is to honor the 63rd annual Spanish Market. Not only are there the weekend events (beginning at 9am on Saturday, July 26) on the plaza, but fun and educational events that begin on Tuesday, July 22 and run through Thursday, July 24 at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art located on Museum Hill. Get your tickets early!

Start the week off with ¡Viva la Familia!. It is summer and you need something to do with the kids, right? Here’s a wonderful opportunity to bring your loved ones (all ages) to the “big top” at the museum on Tuesday, July 22 from 2pm-6pm. Kids of all ages will have fun with children’s recipes, a bouncy house, face painting and so much more. There will be youth artists from the Spanish Market giving demonstrations of their art; Nicolasa Chávez and Pasión Flamenca performing; La Sociedad Folklórica and the Fiesta Court will be present; La Sociedad Española de Santa Fe performing traditional dance; Dolores Valdez de Pong and Nasario Garcia sharing stories and the young family folk musicians Cielito Lindo performing, too. There will be food carts, refreshments, treats, souvenirs and gifts available, as well. Tickets range from $5-$15.

¡Viva la Historia! begins Wednesday, July 23 from 2pm-4pm. Here’s an opportunity to understand what the Spanish Market was like in the early years. A panel of some of the first artists and organizers will share their memories. Afterwards, join James Córdova, PhD, as he presents “Artful Professions: Religious Women and Monastic Visual Culture in Bourbon Mexico”. A book signing will follow the lecture and the tickets range from $10-$20.

So, if you have missed the first two days and you are a music lover, don’t miss Thursday, July 24 for two foot tapping events. Enjoy ¡Sabor y Son! with AnnaMaria Cardinalli (Spanish Guitar and Contralto) and then the Nacha Mendez Quartet; Latin New World Music from 12:30pm-4pm. I love this type of music. You can’t help but move your body to the rhythm. Tickets range from $45-$55 and will probably go very quickly. Finish the evening off with ¡Viva Nuestro Cine! beginning at 7:30pm. Folk songs will be performed by New Mexico folk music treasure Cipriano Vigil y la Familia Vigil followed by a series of recent short Hispanic films. Tickets are $20.

Now, you probably have your favorite Spanish Market artists and want to attend the ¡Viva la Prevista! – Collector’s Hour preview on Friday, July 25 from 6pm-7pm. Getting there early allows you that "early bird" chance to find the one piece that you just might need to add to your own collection of fine Spanish art. Here’s the link to purchase the $60 tickets. The public preview begins at 7pm and runs until 9pm. Tickets range from $15-$30.

I've added the full schedule of events here for the plaza happenings for Spanish Market on Saturday and Sunday, July 26 and 27. There will be Spanish art (both traditional and contemporary), presentations, awards, music and food. It’s a wonderful event and a “must see” for those visiting Santa Fe and for those of us that are blessed enough to call it home. Safe travels, Deb Swanson.

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