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Santa Fe Studio Tour in June

Ricardo Gutierrez has been our artist in residence for the past five years. You may have seen him in our lobby, painting abstracts or landscapes while also showcasing his functional art. Ricardo has his own gallery located approximately one mile from the Inn, so if you want to see his full collection… I recommend stopping by for a visit. I have shared this beautiful painting of his titled "Summer Dream" to entice you. Ricardo Gutierrez

I recently sat with Ricardo to discuss the upcoming Santa Fe Studio Tour in June. As President, he and his fellow artists have been working very hard to create something very special for locals and tourists, alike. Ricardo shared with me that the Santa Fe Studio Tour, now in its 12th year, began with a grass roots effort by local Santa Fe artists who opened their studios in June and in November each year. A few years later around 2009 it was decided to have the Tour once a year in an effort to support and grow the exposure of studio artists in Santa Fe; and since there were already many other Studio Tours in the neighboring communities, yet not in Santa Fe itself, it seemed like the next logical step. The idea was to feature local artists and give the public a glimpse of how artwork was produced and then become a showcase for each participating artist.

Ricardo describes the Tour as a “vibrant intimate immersion in art where visitors can interact with the artists, experience their working environments and add to their collection, all while enjoying the landscape of New Mexico, touring from one studio to the next!” I am very excited to see the new events that have been added to the tour and with the additional events - this year’s tour spans three weeks! Here is the link to their tour, but I thought I would share the events here, as well.

The 2018 Santa Fe Studio Tour kicks off early this year with the following Gallery events: Community Gallery

Curator’s Academic Evening, Wednesday, June 6th - 6-8pm;

Opening reception, Friday, June 8th from 5–8pm;

Family Fun Day, Saturday, June 9th from 1-4pm;

Artist Panel Discussion, June 20th from 6-8pm;

All these events will take place at the Community Gallery in the Santa Fe Convention Center and will be a great opportunity for the public to learn, interact with, and view one piece from each artist. The exhibition will continue to be on display at the Community Gallery through June 27th.

Here’s some helpful information for the artist’s studio tours, too.

Santa Fe Studio Tour is self-guided and free to the public;

Artist Studios Open for Tour 10 am - 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday - June 16 & 17 and 23 & 24;

Get via email your 2018 Santa Fe Studio Tour PLANNING GUIDE .

Santa Fe Studio TourCreate your own Studio Tour by choosing the artists you want to visit, identify their studio numbers and circle them on the map. Use your smart phone, or visit their Google Maps page. While driving, be on the lookout for Santa Fe Studio Tour signs to help guide you to participating studio locations.

My last thought was, “What if I can only plan for one event?” Ricardo said, “The opening reception on June 8 would be a good compromise, because all 76 artists will have their work displayed in the gallery and you will be able to meet each one.” 

Let’s hope you have more time than just one event and let’s set this in our calendars for our annual events “must attend” list for Santa Fe.

Safe travels, Deb Swanson





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