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Santa Fe Bandstand 2016

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach

So true! Think of the times that you listen to a song and your day just seems to fall away. The music fills the space that has a need to be forgotten or allows for your feelings to shift to a better and/or different place. Maybe you just need a break from the routine of your life and to shake off the doldrums of the day. What better way to do this but to attend any of the Santa Fe Bandstand summer events on the plaza or on the Southside Bandstand?

This is one of the best (and free) local happenings in Santa Fe and is perfect for the whole family. Here’s the link to their schedule so you can plan your escape, either during your lunch break or for an evening of foot tapping or body shaking rhythm. I love watching the community come out to dance and/or listen. If you aren’t a dancer (that’s okay), just tap your foot and enjoy the beat.

It all begins on July 5 at 6pm with Lone Pinon. Enjoy this acoustic trio as they celebrate the region’s multi-cultural roots in their music. At 7:15pm you can get your Latin music fix with the six piece band, Nosotros. Watch this video and feel the rhythm move you. Now imagine yourself swaying, on the plaza, to the music with your friends and family.

So….. Maybe that’s not your type of music? Not a problem. Santa Fe bandstand has a variety of music to choose from. Here’s Eilen Jewel with an Americana Flavor on the 13th or Jaka Music with some Afro Punk Dance music on the 19th. I think you see where I am going with this. The selection of music changes and you can certainly find what you love or maybe just something to broaden your musical experience.

Santa Fe Bandstand offers free music from July 5 through August 26, ending with Santa Fe local, Jono Manson and featuring Wally Ingram, at 6pm. I’ve included this teaser video which showcases our local diversity and how we all come together when the music gets played.

So, join us, move your body (or just tap your foot) to the rhythm of summer music and at the end of the evening; don’t forget to stop in at Del Charro to quench your thirst and appetite. You’ve earned it.

Safe travels, Deb Swanson

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