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Outspire Hiking & Snowshoeing

Have you ever taken a winter hike or gone snowshoeing when you are on vacation only to find that the trail you thought you were on is a little longer than what you read in your local’s guide book? Or, maybe the trail is under enough snow that you can’t quite find the markers to assure you are still on the trail? Well, I certainly have and although I love an adventure as much as the next girl…..sometimes it is best to ask for the help of a professional. Which is why I thought – I’ve got a good friend who is a professional and I should spotlight his local business – Outspire Hiking and Snowshoeingand share his expertise. You can also check out Tripadvisor and see what his clients are saying, too.

Scott Renbarger has been guiding for Outspire the last five years and been the owner for the past two. He comes with a Master’s degree in geology and over twenty years of hiking experience in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. He’s the perfect guide for sharing his love of the outdoors and his love of New Mexico’s natural history.

Outspire guests enjoying the viewScott shared that the winter season averages from late December to mid-March for snow shoeing. This depends, of course, on the snow conditions for the year. For those wanting to hike, these activities are offered at lower elevations during the same time period. He typically snowshoes Aspen Basin (where Ski Santa Fe is) and Big Tesuque Basin (which is below the ski hill) and all trail heads are approximately a half hour car ride from Santa Fe. These trips are on trails in the Santa Fe National Forest, high in the Rockies of Santa Fe, through forests and meadows with lots of photo opportunities to remember your excursions.

I queried Scott to find out what does Outspire provide on these snowshoeing trips. Here’s the list:

  • Snowshoes (of course) and Poles (to help with balance)
  • Gaiters (have to keep the snow out of your boots)
  • Water and nutritional snacks (because you want to keep hydrated & your energy level up)
  • Expertise of local guides (that would be Scott and Brian)

  Now, what should you bring to be prepared for this excursion? Here’s your list:

  • Hiking boots (best for keeping your feet dry)
  • Warm socks (wool or thick are best for keeping the cold at bay)
  • Long underwear, tights or base layer (for under your pants)
  • Dress in layers above (long sleeves, sweaters, jackets)
  • Hats and gloves (don’t forget about your head and hands)
  • Sunglasses (it’s bright out there, protect your eyes)

The best thing about having a local guide is that you get to go on trails that you wouldn’t have found on your own and you can take the extra time you’ve saved to take a photo, have a snack and enjoy the beauty of the winter forest. Call Scott at 505.660.0394 or visit his website for more information.

Happy Trails and Safe Travels, Deb Swanson

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