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Introduce Your Body to Our “Body of Santa Fe”

Spring is blossoming in Santa Fe, and the awakening world welcomes us to shed our winter ways and embrace new experiences to enliven us, body and soul. What better way to share our local’s view than to discover a uniquely Santa Fe destination via my good friend Santa Fe Red? An artist and writer dedicated to all things Santa Fe, she travels the social universe sharing her take on New Mexico's quirky culture and memorable traditions. We hope you enjoy her blog post. Safe travels, Deb Swanson

One of the best things about Santa Fe is that although we’re a relatively small town, there’s still something to suit everybody. And for those who enjoy the pleasures of living here but also experience the time crunch of working, there’s one space to find a healthy dose of everything to make the most of free time. I’m talking BODY of Santa Fe, a multi-faceted temple of healthy living. Located just over a mile from Inn of the Governors, this is a favored spot for spending an hour (or two or three, it happens) getting fit, getting fed, or getting outfitted in style.

Now celebrating its tenth anniversary in Santa Fe, BODY came into being when owner Lorin Parrish combined years of world travel and a commitment to spiritual and physical practice with her vision of a single place where the elements of a healthy, sustainable, whole-body lifestyle would be available to the entire community. Over years of thoughtful growth, BODY has become a fixture in the lives of locals who embrace this same passion – and we’re happy to share the good vibes with visitors who seek the best of our health-minded city.

For those who value the rewards of physical practice, BODY’s studio schedule covers almost every hour of every day. Vinyasa Yoga with Music takes place daily and reaches a high point on Sundays, with noontime Gospel Vinyasa that’s evolved into a community celebration. And if you’ve never tried Nia, a sensory-based movement practice drawn from martial arts, dance and healing arts, this is the spot for discovering its satisfying benefits. I guarantee that you’ll feel energized after an hour at BODY, and the instructors are uniformly excellent.

After a work-out, I've earned my calories, but I want to honor bodily efforts with something healthy, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. BODY Cafe satisfies this desire by dishing up delicious meals based on organics and seasonal ingredients. While focused intently on providing generously for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, the menu also includes carefully chosen, sustainably sourced proteins. And a smoothie to go is always an option in my playbook.

Our dry climate presents its own challenges, and thankfully, the therapists at BODY Spa have everything at their fingertips to improve my skin’s well-being. Custom facials use organic and natural products to re-hydrate and renew, with a variety of special treatments to add on for special needs. Maybe it’s not a need, but I find it hard to resist leaving without at least one piece of W3LL People natural make-up. And massage! One of my life aspirations is a weekly massage, and I’m firmly convinced that the same for everyone would make this a happier world.

Organic, fair-trade and sustainable are by-words in the Boutique too, where stylish, well-fitted clothing mirrors the same conscientious concern for health. After all, intimates lay closest to our skin, the largest organ of the body. It’s gratifying that the super styles and great colors originate in organic fabrics and eco-materials. The same holds true for menswear; and the kids’ clothing? Simply adorable! And BODYKids can even occupy little ones while you browse or grab a bite. All the jewelry is unique, with a new line of astrologically-inspired Intention Beads, accompanied by affirmations on harnessing one’s personal power. As for harnessing power, Tarot Readings on Wednesday mornings or Sunday afternoons are one of those truly Santa Fe experiences.

Have I convinced you that visiting BODY should be part of everyBODY’s Santa Fe getaway? It’s one-of-a-kind and all-in-one, so take time to treat yourself to whole body pleasures!

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