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Hot Waters and Healthy Izakaya Fare

Warning: We cannot be held accountable for any feeling of pure relaxation or euphoria by participating in any of the following activities. But, we do accept thank you notes.

In last week’s blog I shared my snowshoe and hiking trips in the Santa Fe mountains with a teaser of more to come. This week’s blog shares with you on how you can give your body that little something extra with regards to hot waters and/or massages and some healthy fare. Afterwards, you will feel refreshed and ready to plan your next excursion up the mountain. I promise.

If you are familiar with the Santa Fe wilderness, you will know that it is a mere 15 miles from the downtown plaza area. What you may not know is that as you are heading back into town the wonderful Ten Thousand Waves is on your right; just 4 miles from the Inn of the Governors . Here’s the end to my perfect day…..

This spa is one of the top 10 attractions in Santa Fe and so it is an excellent idea to plan your visit and book your appointments or tubs ahead of time. The private, outdoor, open-air hot tubs are set in the beautiful mountain setting and after 55 minutes in the hot waters you will be feeling completely at ease. Sometimes, if I don’t have enough time, I will just use the communal tubs. They have two. One is for women only and the other for mixed company. Most people in the communal tubs are sans clothing. Just an FYI so you aren’t surprised when you “pop” in. If you need a massage to work out the kinks in those tired legs, I highly recommend the Master’s massage. It’s a splurge, but an hour and a half of deep tissue work will have you feeling good as new. There are many packages or combinations of ways to feel whole again, I leave you to decide which is best for you.

Well, usually at this point, I feel all relaxed… a little outside of my body and I think the best thing to do is to feed my soul. I mean feed me, because I’m starving at this point and after the healthy day I have just had I want to enjoy some healthy cuisine. Thank goodness, Izanami has opened on the property! Now I don’t have to try to navigate down the mountain on an empty stomach but I only have to saunter over to the Japanese style dining and indulge in the various small plates. They’ve got cold ones, hot ones, grilled meats, fried veggies, too (all 95% organic) and wait there’s even more. There are cold drinks, hot teas, micro-brews, an amazing sake selection and wines. It’s fabulous! Have you ever had a miso Twinkie? Me either, but it’s on my list for next time.

I look forward to hearing your experience at Ten Thousand Waves and their new restaurant, Izanami. Sharing is twice the fun! Safe travels, Deb Swanson

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