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High Road Artisans Art Tour

Santa Fe & Taos were recently recognized by the Matador Network as two of the “top 10” small artistic towns in the United States. We couldn’t agree more! But, did you know that there is also a 2 ½ hour drive that takes you through small communities where many artists live and create? This drive is referred to as the “high road” to Taos and this weekend, September 21 & 22 and next weekend, September 28 & 29, is the best time to be here and participate in the “High Road Artisans Art Tour.”

The High Road Artisans Art Tour is an annual event that all are welcome to enjoy. Take a drive through our rural communities, all rich in history and clothed in beauty. This is a time when the trees begin to turn a golden or rust color and the skies are bluer than ever. Time seems to slow as you spend time with the artist; see their work in their place of creativity and truly understand why so many of them have been drawn to the light and color of New Mexico.

Visit six different villages with over forty artists / galleries on either weekend. There are traditional and contemporary artists in their studios or at a village community center. You will find paintings, weavings, micaceous pottery, wood carvings, jewelry, and so much more. Whatever your interest may be, you will find something to bring home as a memory of your visit to Santa Fe and Taos.

If you are unable to visit during the art tour, you might want to plan for a future visit. There are multiple workshops and art classes that are available throughout the year. Try your hand and maybe you, too will be enchanted by the area and return with a memory of your own creative experience on the “high road.”

As always, safe travels. Deb Swanson

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